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  • BLS LGBTQ+ Elder Initiative Committee Meeting

BLS LGBTQ+ Elder Initiative Committee Meeting

  • July 03, 2024
  • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Cypress Palms - 400 Lake Ave NE, Largo FL 33771



The LGBTQ+ Elder Initiative invites you to be part of the committee where diversity meets dedication!

As part of BLS, we're dedicated to crafting an inclusive future for our LGBTQ+ elders.

In 2024, we prioritize fostering understanding through education, ensuring every senior feels seen and celebrated. Join us in organizing pride-friendly events that spread joy, love, and acceptance. Let's make a difference together - because every senior deserves a life filled with dignity, respect, and the celebration of their true selves!

These meetings will be in-person and available via Zoom. 
Zoom link will be emailed when you register.


BLS does not promote or vouch for the services provided by any of its members.  Members wishing to do business with one another are strongly encouraged to do their own public records searches and background screenings before entering into any business relationship.  BLS accepts no liability for any information identified from those searches/screenings or any claims arising from any verbal or written agreements members may engage in with one another.

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